Multi-Slide - "Speed Racer"

Who's the fastest?


The Multi-Slide “Speed Racer” is a multi-lane fast slide experience. It is very popular, very competitive and a good value product to increase capacity in the water facility. The “Speed Racer” allows users to slide side by side and race against each other. It can have two or more sliding lanes with different starting heights. The lanes can be delivered in different colours to give the Multi-Slide an even more appealing look. Various jumps during the slide course amplify the feeling of acceleration.

A stop watch timer can be added as well as cameras and social media platforms to further enhance the Speed Racer experience.

The Speed Racer can be equipped with a skim-out to ensure safe landing.


Capacity ± 250 p/hr/lane
Width 680 mm per lane
Declination 13-20%
Pump capacity 20m³/hr/lane
Speed Medium
User Children/Family
Colours Any RAL colour
Accessories Skim-out