Maintenance & Inspection

Waterslides and Flumes should be professionally inspected, serviced and certificated at least annually. By doing so will help ensure a minimum risk environment is provided for the users and maximum life expectancy is acheived from the equipment.

We provide comprehensive inspection, maintenance and certification programs in accordance with BSEN 1069.

Our Waterslide Maintenance and Inspection Program

  • A full internal surface examination
  • Repair gel-coat ride surface chips, cracks or voids as required using polyester gel-coat and fibre glass (or equivalent)
  • Deep clean ride sections to remove limescale, body fats and other deposits
  • Replace ride section joints/seals, where worn with high specification adhesive sealant
  • Visually inspect steelwork and fixings where accessible / visible
  • Inspect all areas associated with the waterslide and provide report
  • Provide post-service report and certificate of maintenance & inspection